Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dow, NASDAQ, Solar Up, Up, Up

Best day for NASDAQ in nine months

After three dismal weeks of trading in almost every sector, indexes are seeing a healthy reversal so far this week. The Dow closed at 8616.21 today, 470 points above last Friday's close, a 5.76% gain. NASDAQ finished at 1862.9, 107 points above Friday, a 6.09% rise. And the 20 Solar Stocks Index to a 6.23% leap so far, gaining 23.09 points to finish today at 393.49.

It was the highest close for NASDAQ since Oct. 6 and helped in large part by Intel whose second quarter revenue and profits were much better than expected. Intel gained 1.22 finishing at 18.05 today, a 7.2% jump.

All 20SSI solar companies have gained this week but this could be because investors are taking advantage of low stock prices after the shellacking taken by solar over the previous three weeks. Nothing special has happened in the industry but companies from integrators, installers, and manufacturers are starting to write some serious business lately.


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