Tuesday, June 16, 2009

CA Rebate Process Changes July 1

Update: Residential rebate in SDG&E region triggered down June 17

Katrina Perez, non-residential program manager at the CA Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), emailed the changes to the rebate process for the CA So
lar Initiative beginning July 1.

New Module List: There will be a revised eligible solar panels list following Senate Bill 1 guidelines. The list will be virtually the same as the New Solar Homes Program list.

New Documentation Requirements:


§ Signed Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form
§ Signed Field Verification Certification Form


§ Signed Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Disclosure Form
§ Signed Non-Residential Energy Efficiency Commitment Agreement (if applicable)
§ Signed Field Verification Certification Form
§ Copy of Retro-commissioning Report (if applicable)

Non-Residential New Construction

§ Proof of at least 15% above Title 24 Standards
§ Building Site Plan
§ Copy of New Construction Building Permit

The new documents will be released shortly and posted on our website: www.energycenter.org . For now, see the attached document for a more detailed description of the requirements

On the brighter side, PG&E filed a letter on behalf of all CSI program administrators that would, upon CPUC approval:

* Remove the requirement of customer copy of bill
* Remove original signature requirements
* Remove project cost breakdown worksheet
* Clarify warranty requirements
* Extend commercial applications to 18 months

Rebate drops to $1.55 in SDG&E region

After announcing Monday the Step 4 allotment was nearly exhausted, Matt Messina of CCSE announced Wednesday that the allotment was met. So, the rebate goes from $1.90/Wac (26 cents, if production-based incentive) to $1.55 (22 cents, PBI). All rebate applications will now assume the new rates.


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