Friday, September 12, 2014

California HERO program: Solar for the rest of us

Summer weather stays sizzling in California usually through October. Right now CA residents are using more air conditioning than they likely did in June and July. Without solar power they can expect a monster electricity bill next month.

The California HERO Program is changing that scenario.

In 2008-09 California passed legislation authorizing cities and counties to establish voluntary programs to finance energy efficiency, water efficiency and renewable energy products that are permanently attached to a home and business owners' property. 

The resulting CA HERO Program provides low-interest loans that are paid with property taxes in terms of 5-, 10-, 15- and 20-year terms. Payments are tax deductible.

Eligible properties:

--All developed property. No new construciton or add-ons
--Mobile and manufactured homes, condos, HOAs
--Property must be a HERO community; enter your zip code at to be sure
--Mortgage debt not to exceed 90% of property value; amount financed not to exceed 10% of property value
--Property taxes current; no liens of any kind

Early adopters of solar in the state have had their systems now ten years or more. Their savings can total more than $100,000 depending on their consumption. More and more solar is going mainstream as power rates keep climbing despite the falling prices of natural gas which produces most of the electricity in CA. 

Interested CA residents can contact for more information. 


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