Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Call to Action: More Clean Energy Legislation

Sign letters to your
Senators and Congressperson

When President Obama signed the stimulus package on February 17, he solidified renewable energy's future in America. Some $80 billion was included in the bill for solar power alone for tax credits, panel manufacturer incentives and PV development. Now further legislation must be passed that will facilitate more clean energy advancements.

Solar Nation, a non-profit action network for solar power, is distributing two letters written by members of the House and Senate to the majority leaders of the two chambers aimed at supporting specific pro-solar measures to be debated in coming months. These include:

* A Federal Renewable Electricity Standard which will mandate a minimum percentage of electricity produced from renewables, including minima for solar;

* Enacting strong climate safeguards capping carbon emissions while growing the economy and boosting the PV market;

* Improving the transmission grid nationwide so solar power can be directed anywhere it is needed in the country.

The last point is significant in that large solar and windfarms are invariably located long distances from where their power is most required. Therefore, bigger and better power lines must either be upgraded or newly installed.

Solar today meets just a small percentage of our energy needs. Only robust support can increase solar's use for electricity generation; it's too late for lukewarm legislation that can be further weakened by special interests.

Solar Nation asks all solar power advocates to sign the letters heading to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Go to:


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