Friday, September 5, 2008

Solar in the News

This feature provides objective, third-party articles about solar power worldwide. Press releases and stories generated by entities in the article will be avoided as self-serving.

Phoenix Suns Utilizing Bigger Ball: The Sun

The Phoenix Suns NBA basketball team has announced that they will be installing 1,125 solar panels on their parking garage to help power their arena...

UC-San Diego Installing 1.2MW PV System
The University of California, San Diego, in support of its ambitious goal of being the greenest university in the U.S., is installing a 1.2 MW solar electric system as part of its comprehensive sustainable energy program...

Utility-Scale Solar Comes to California
One of the largest photovoltaic solar projects in the world will be located in California to deliver 1.65 billion kilowatt-hours of renewable energy annually...

Was Jimmy Carter Right About Energy 30 Years Ago?
Americans, who hate to be told they must change, roundly condemned Carter's memorable "Crisis of Confidence" speech of July 15, 1979...

Another Approach to Concentrated Solar
While other companies are working to make solar cheaper by using mirrors or lenses to magnify sunlight that is directed onto solar cells, Morgan Solar takes a different approach...


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